About Us

Cannabis Canada Buzz is a Cannabis lifestyle and culture curated source of information for the everyone which provides collaboration, engagement,  ideas, interviews, product reviews, news and much more.

We are entrepreneurs. We are female founded and led.  We are excited about Cannabis. We are curious by nature and not afraid to ask questions.

As Cannabis becomes legalized and accepted around the globe we will strive to provide regular, fresh Cannabis content with a unique Canadian lens.

Q: What are we building?
A: A cross-platform network for cannabis news, commentary, products and entertainment.

We are engaged with our organically grown audience on many platforms, and we learn from that audience and use that knowledge to share relevant and current cannabis related news and entertainment. As a company that makes content in many formats, for many platforms, we have the opportunity to learn more and share more with our audience.

Q: Why are we building it?
A: To have a positive impact on people who are seeking a cannabis conversation.

We aren’t just broadcasting or publishing; we are learning from an audience and working hard to serve them. We don’t want to make content to hang on the wall, like a pretty picture; we strive to make content people can use, find interesting, that has a function, that makes an impact.

We would love for people to come to why we love when people come to CanCanBuzz for fun but leave informed about cannabis topics matter.

Q: Who are we building it for?
A: A Canadian audience first and by extension everyone interested in Cannabis.

We are building CanCanBuzz  to serve our Canadian audience, but it doesn’t stop there.  Our audience comes to us from over 90 countries. Can Can Buzz also exists to serve everyone who is interested in Cannabis topics, products and news.

We seek to build a platform that will have value for our clients who will provide the revenue that enables us to serve our audience and employees.

How You Can Contribute?

We invite you to contribute, submit topics or articles.  We welcome photos, comments and guest writers.


Founder, Cannabis Canada Buzz