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Talking about Cannabis Retail in Canada during Covid-19

Join us as we talk with Andy Palalas from High Tide to talk about cannabis retailing in Canada during the pandemic. Andy shares his thoughts on what makes a good budtender. We got to ask Andy what retail regulations he would like to see changed, find out what he said. Also, he shared how they are managing new store openings and selling during the pandemic including ‘click and collect’. Did you know that consumers are different in Ontario than they are in Alberta? It’s true!

Covid has impacted every business, and we are very blessed that we have incredible staff that have gone to work everyday and supported their customers or communities.

Andy Palalas

It has not been easy to be a cannabis retailer during covid but they are supported by an amazing team of budtenders. Canna Cabana has 7 stores now open in Ontario and many more across the country.

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Canna Cabana - Canada's Leading Cannabis Store

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