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Who wants to meet an Entrepreneur?

Meet a 20 year technology entrepreneur who is embracing cannabis.

Talking to a twenty year entrepreneur about his two companies – both of which can help Cannabis retailers! And Jake Neimans companies are really about solving problems.

Popcann offers compliant cannabis buildings that can be permanent or temporary in nature. And they are made from refurbished shipping containers and are high tech!

The other company, that he co-founded is a technology company called Big Digitial, and they offer some pretty cool Covid19 solutions that can help consumers and retailers transact safely. We also discuss post covid retailing challenges like lineup queues and how technology can offer features like an amusement park fast pass or temperature screening and more!

Learn more in this 18 minute youtube video!

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  2. john banner

    We a company with a proven track record in clinical research, manufacturing and sales of cannabis-based pharmaceuticals. We have clearly demonstrated that we know the track to successfully bring pharma products to the global market. We look forward to leveraging our technical capabilities to accelerate development and manufacturing of our first pharmaceutical product for the general public.. for more of our arguments,enlightenment,

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