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Corona Virus – Health Hacks During Quarantine

Try these baking swaps to turn any recipe into a healthier version.

We have some healthier baking ideas to turn your favourite recipes into low fat, low sugar, high fibre healthier versions. Why? Because we are in quarantine here at CanCanBuzz and we have been baking, baking and baking!

Why so much baking? Well quarantine has provided the time and the need to prepare more foods at home including dessert. We have found that baking is a pretty relaxing activity and something you can do with your children. Also, baking creates comfort foods which are a great way to improve your mood! Finally, for the adults, you can infuse your baked goods foods! Infusing foods and desserts is another way to stay grounded during this crisis and can also help keep your immunity strong. Big shout out to our cannabinoid friends like CBD and THC.

Home Made Chocolate Cake

We don’t however want to come out of this with an extra 10 pounds! Most recipes are loaded with trans fats and refined sugar. Both of those ingredients actually hurt your immunity. Lets take a look at some ingredient swaps. Swaps that pack a big health punch but still allow for some amazing baking results.


There are some great ways to adjust ingredients. The swaps compensate for sugar and fat negatives and turn baked goods into more of a positive.

For example, if there are ways to trim the sugar used in a recipe, you’ll trim both calories and sugar that you consume every day.

Home Made Applesauce will really punch up the Health Factor

Applesauce is a nice ingredient swap that has minimal calories and sugar, when compared to the original ingredient. For instance, to cut down on sugar and add some natural sweetness to muffins, you can swap one cup of sugar for 1 cup of unsweetened applesauce. This means you’ll cut a whopping 178 grams of sugar. 


Do you want to try replace butter for a healthier fat? One cup of butter has 1628 calories! If you can use avocado instead of butter, not only will your recipe be plant based but you will swap out a difference of 1388 calories (when comparing a cup for cup).

For more heathly swaps check out this infographic provided by our friends at Quill.

Baking swaps for healthier homemade treats

Baking swaps for healthier homemade treatsInfographic by Quill

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