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A Cannabis Holiday Social Event

The holidays are a perfect time to have open discussion to encourage normalization of cannabis.

Guests listen to Anita Glibota (aka That’s What Weed Said) discuss incorporating cannabis into the holidays

A few weeks ago, on December 5th to be exact, something amazing happened.   A group of like minded individuals came together to share the true holiday spirit.  We gathered friends and colleagues to share experiences, learn from one another and give gratitude.  It’s also an opportunity to discuss simple ways we can help normalize cannabis, in everyday life.

Mason jar of home grown cannabis
Gifting home-grown Cannabis is popular this holiday season

Passive presence of cannabis does matter if our goal is to normalize this healing plant. The holidays are a perfect opportunity to welcome open discussion, and dispel fear that misinformation brings. Fear is powerful, but knowledge is more powerful.  Sharing our passion for cannabis starts with listening, and showing what a “stoner” lifestyle actually looks like for the majority of us. For me, it’s less about being high and more about being able to enjoy myself and my family while being healthy and present. The holidays are a busy time, it’s important that we slow down and breathe for a second.   We were so happy to pause and share “a moment” with a few close friends earlier this month. We were equally thrilled to be so well supported by the community who truly made the magic happen. The guests were the ones who sponsored, donating goods, time and ideas. Event staff included Hey Fro Lady and Keetz who for the love of this industry donated their time and energy to ensure everyone was hosted with love.

Every guest was greeted by the lovely Jacqui Childs and Linda Thompson, founder of Can Can Buzz.  After checking in, the invite only guests, were instructed to use the Holiday Social Passport to explore the various activations being incorporated into the event held at Office146 in Etobicoke.

booklet of events for the social
Holiday Social Passport

Exhale. Enter. Experience.

Each station offered an experience and a stamp on the Holiday Social Passport. “Social” was the key word.  There was an amazing fireside chat with Tabitha Fritz, Educator for Mihi Cannabis, where topics of women’s health and cannabis were discussed.

 Tabitha Fritz, Educator for Mihi Cannabis
Tabitha Fritz, Educator for Mihi Cannabis

The Craft Room, powered by Jupiter Research was a creative place to make your own cannabis inspired ornaments.  What was inspiring was the laughter and joy that was generated from creating something fun with friends. The guests really took advantage of the time to pause and slow down before the holidays.

A silent auction, raising funds and awareness for Athletes for Care featured a signed Mike Tyson Jacket, strainprint prize pack, Foliee Gift Set, The Green Cannabis Co eco gift set, Pretty Dope Accessories Gift Set.

The Podcast room, brought to the guests by XTRX Solutions had a constant trail of guests including Cheri Mara from the Ontario Cannabis Store. Brad Amlin, the official podcast reporter for Can Can Buzz was at the helm.

Lunch, catered by Social Sessions Events was delicious and plentiful, as was the dessert table, sponsored by Social MD and Kushin Kupcakes.

The holiday market was carefully curated to offer guests a unique and artisan shopping experience.  Hand made, one of a kind gifts were offered at every table, while guitarist, Rick Vella serenaded the crowd.

Hill St Beverages brought their non alcoholic wines and beers, and offered a sprinkle of something extra (psst – it was THC) for those that wanted a pre-sample of future infused wines they are planning to offer the public in 2020.  I can say that I very much enjoyed the sampling and look forward to Hill St Beverages in the cannabis beverage market.

Invitees took home jute gift bags filled with goodies from XTRX Solutions, Office 146, Bioroll, Puresun farms, Hill street beverages and Hey Fro Lady, but for most the highlight was a vape Palm from Jupiter Research.  Our success is because our wonderful sponsors believe in our vision and in the stories we tell.

I can’t dismiss my part in the festivities. My talk, “Incorporating Cannabis in the Holidays” was well received! The highlight was my demonstration of the rosin bud press where I extracted the essential cannabis oil. But I want to share a short ‘behind the scenes” story to go with my glowing reviews.

When we were in the planning stage months ago, ideas were being thrown around and heard myself say, “I should do a talk!”  It was to be my first talk in front of an audience since my days as a facilitator in my “before” life. Before my concussion, things were different in so many ways.  But after, I’m achieving things I never thought possible. Speaking in front of people again was one of those things. The most surprising part for me, was it felt like home again.  The energy was so inspirational and warm, that when things were not perfect, it didn’t matter.

I drove to the venue the day before to make sure all my equipment worked, and imagined all the ways things could go wrong.  And then, most of it actually happened. The 401 was backed up because of an accident, so things were late, but it didn’t matter. Seconds before I was going to be introduced, I glanced at the computer and saw it had an error on the screen and my slide presentation was frozen. Oh. My. Shit.

And then I heard through the screaming in my head, Jacquis voice …and without further adieu… Anita Glibota, That’s What Weed Said…. I dug down and rolled with it.  Things did not go perfectly, and it didn’t matter. Being perfect is overrated and is usually uninteresting. As far as our wonderful guests knew, my presentation ended after the informative Rosinbud press demonstration was over.  It didn’t matter because there was such a fantastic energy present, anyone present could feel the love and the message we are spreading. Regardless, imperfections make perfect memories. Thank you for making memories with us!

WAIT!  What’s that I said? There’s more to my presentation?

That’s right friends!

My presentation “Incorporating Cannabis for the Holidays” ended too short!

It has a part 2!? Yes it does!

Do you want to hear the rest?

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Anita Glibota is a mother, a spouse and writer living and working in Southwestern Ontario. As a trainer and educator, she spent years dedicated to bringing learning and understanding to her students within her workshops. After a life changing concussion in 2015, her focused changed to mental health and how to better support our wellness in this chaotic world. She discovered the health benefits of cannabis and mindfulness and has dedicated her life to sharing her journey with others.

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