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Canopy Growth; Product Launch Event

Held downtown Toronto, the event introduced a suite of cannabis products that included beverages, chocolates and vapes under various Canopy Growth Brands, being offered to the public starting December 16th, just in time for Kushmas!

Before I get into the details of Canopy Growth Legalization 2.0 Event; Flower Forward at the historic Design Exchange in Toronto, Ontario, I wanted to preface with a relevant story that happened recently. 
A few weeks back, I accidentally gave my good friend, (who is a very occasional cannabis consumer), a dose that would result in a little warm buzz for me.  My friend experienced what’s referred to as “greening out” which is the end result of THC over consumption. THC toxicity is real, is not lethal but can make you feel so sick, that you might feel like it is lethal.  I felt absolutely terrible that I made this awful mistake. As an advocate and educator I should have been more careful and paid attention to what I was doing, but it made me realize that education isn’t enough. If we, medical patients, advocates and long time consumers, are to usher in a new age of acceptance and normalisation of cannabis, we must understand that not all cannabis products are for every cannabis consumer.  It’s not so much that we need government to protect people from themselves, but we have to allow for an opportunity of growth, and advocate for amendments to policy as social attitudes change and evolve in Canada.

Crowed trying samples of Canopy Growths new cannabis products
Invited attendees Sampling non infused products

Not all cannabis products are for every cannabis consumer, not only refers to the unique experience each consumer has because of their individual chemical make up, but more so refers to the fact that we all have different tolerance levels for THC, which is dependent on the frequency of consumption. When a new consumers dose, is compared to a daily users dose, it’s easier to understand the initial restrictions for this next phase of cannabis legalization in Canada.  It also clearly illustrates why it’s paramount that the medical cannabis system continues and patients are offered cannabis products at doses that is more in line with their medical needs. This new phase of legalization and the launch of new products is not focused on high tolerance consumers.

Many of the people that follow my blog, social media pages or send me direct messages belong to a category, which I loving refer to as “the canna-curious”. This category makes up 80% of the potential consumer market.  Social scientists have long studied social change, for social norms to evolve, it must take a mindset shift within society, and that doesn’t happen overnight. 

Cannabis production facility - Smith Falls, On
Cannabis production facility – Smith Falls, On

The barrier to consumption for many potential consumers is that they don’t want to inhale anything, there is a fear around edibles and over consumption and they don’t know what would be best for them.  The promise of easy to use, great tasting, low dose cannabis products that cannabis legalization 2.0 is promising to offer is very appealing to the large segment of the potential adult recreational market.  This phase of legalization and the products shown yesterday is focused on the new consumer at controlled doses that would allow for a good first experience. 

 Rade Kovacevic - President of Canopy Growth
Rade Kovacevic – President of Canopy Growth

Show me the products!

The event, held in downtown Toronto, introduced a suite of cannabis products that includes beverages, chocolates, and vapes. Canopy Growth‘s various brands are releasing their new products to the public starting late January 2020. They plan to roll out products individually, and exact dates are to be announced.


Starting point at $3.49

Seth Rogan - Houseplant brand thc infused sparking water cans
Seth Rogan’s – Houseplant Cannabis infused sparking water

Houseplant – Two flavours Grapefruit, and Lemon. A refreshing, naturally flavoured sparkling water with 2.5 mg of THC.  “Great for any occasion, especially occasions where you feel like drinking a cannabis-infused Sparkling water.” 

bottles displaying Distilled cannabis & infused cannabis drinks
Distilled cannabis & infused cannabis drinks

Tweed – A Distilled Cannabis – Bakerstreet, Houndstooth & Penelope 1oz = 2mg and can be mixed with any non alcoholic mix for cannabis cocktail 

Tweed Infused cannabis Ready to drink with the following choice of flavours;

  • Distilled Cannabis + mix
  • Bakerstreet & Ginger 
  • Houndstooth & Soda
  • Penelope & Tonic

Deep Space – A Small mysterious black can, boasting potent, bold flavour. 222ml / 10 mg THC. 

Infused Cannabis Sparking Water
Infused Cannabis Sparking Water

Quatreau – CBD infused naturally flavoured sparkling water in the following flavours (cannabinoid content varies);

  •  Passion fruit & Guava 20mg CBD
  • Cucumber & Mint 
  • Blueberry Acai
  • Lime & Fiber 


Juju Power,  Juju Joints & Tokyo Smoke Luma vape pens
Juju Power, Juju Joints & Tokyo Smoke Luma vape pens
Juju Power 510 Vape & Cartridges
Juju Power 510 Vape & Cartridges

Juju power & 510 cartridges from Tweed and Van der Pop ($34.99 / $49.99)

Juju joints – Vape pen with an interesting app to allow for temperature control and other helpful features like “vape lock” and “find my vape pen”  (0.25ml  $44.99 – 0.5ml $79.99)

Tokyo Smoke Pods and pen
Tokyo Smoke Pods and pen

Tokyo Smoke & vape pods- Luma Vape system $34.99 & Luma Pod $59.99 with names like Go, Rise,Equalize & Ease


Canopy Growth,  took full advantage of their Smith Falls Facility’s Hershey Chocolate roots and incorporated the expertise of an internationally awarded chocolate maker, that happened to live close by.  

Erica & Drew Gilmour

Erica Gilmour 2016 Golden Bean Award made confectionery headlines, when Ontario-based chocolate maker won ‘Best Chocolate in the World” title in Europe. Her and her husband Drew own Hummingbird Chocolate and are responsible for Canopy Growth Brand Chocolates.  The price point for Canopy Growth Brand chocolates start at $7.99 and have various flavours, cannabinoid content and created using various strains.

  • Bean & Bud – (named after where the beans were sourced beans)
    • Dominican
    • Peruvian 
  • Tweed Cannabis infused Chocolate
    • Bakerstreet & peppermint 
    • Houndstooth & Mocha
    • Penelope milk chocolate
  • Tokyo Smoke – Dark Milk chocolate
    • Go sativa dominant
    • Pause 
    • Ease CBD infused
Canopy Growth Brand Chocolates

Thank you Canopy Growth, for inviting us to an immersive and informative event! For myself, I’m looking forward to CBD water in particular and because I’m constantly vape pens, the juju joints look very appealing!  With the second phase of legalization here, what do you look forward to trying?

Comment below with your thoughts! 

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