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We Went to a Pure Party!

Bringing the "Green" to Greenhouses, British Colombia's Pure Sunfarms put on an event for the senses this past week in Toronto, Ontario.

Interior of Pure Sunfarms greenhouse located in Fraser Valley British Columbia - Greenhouse Cannabis
Inside The Pure Sunfarms Greenhouse – Fraser Valley, BC

A Very Greenhouse Event

Bringing the “Green” to Greenhouses, British Colombia’s Pure Sunfarms put on an event for the senses last week in Toronto, Ontario. Pure Sunfarms is a joint venture between Village Farms International, Inc. and Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc. Located in British Columbia’s beautiful Fraser Valley, Pure Sunfarms officially launched it’s recreational cannabis brand on September 6, 2019, becoming one of Canada’s largest greenhouse sun grown cannabis producers. With a 1.1 million square foot high-tech greenhouse, this cannabis company is poised to supply 75,000 kilograms dried flower to the Canadian market annually. jean jacket with several pins ; This is a positve sign pin, pot head girl pin, cannabis and coffee pin, Science Bitch pin and Pure Pin
New addition to the pin collection!

I was excited to attend and experience Pure Sunfarms at a premiere event in Ontario October 23, 2019. Because we couldn’t tour the greenhouse in BC, their beautiful and “Very Greenhouse” came to Toronto. One of the things that struck me the most about the creative introduction that Pure Sunfarms facilitated, was the care and detail that was brought into everything.  From the beautiful wooden box sent to each invitee, down to the interesting conversation with many of the people who make up the Pure Sunfarms team. It was easy to identify the Pure Sunfarms team, by the “PURE” and sunburst motif lapel pins, welcoming me to “Follow the Sun & Stay in the Light”. The details were all considered, and I noticed. To me, this was indicative of the high standard to detail that should be expected of premium quality cannabis producer.

The boxes that were sent out weeks before the dinner event,  were an homage to their farming roots and the farming community that their Greenhouse is nestled in. Often times, farmers send prospective customers a box of their produce for sampling. But because of current restrictions in cannabis regulations in Canada, sending out samples is not an option.  In an attempt to stay compliant and communicate their message, they sent out the smells and sights of their product instead. The art work, which was also prominently displayed at the event, was commissioned by local artists and depicts terpene and flavonoid profiles that make up the aromas of the eight strains Pure Sunfarms currently produces.  When you can’t let people smell or touch or taste the produce like farmers normally would, you need to get very creative to communicate your message and passion for quality.

Long harvest table with cannabis leaf motif place settings and hanging lights plants
Harvest table set to impress
VP of Cultivation & Greenhouse Operations Rob Baldwin and Brand Ambassador, Sujinder Juneja on stage discussing Pure Sunfarms
VP of Cultivation & Greenhouse Operations Rob Baldwin and Brand Ambassador, Sujinder Juneja

During a campfire discussion, VP of Cultivation & Greenhouse Operations Rob Baldwin and Brand Ambassador, Sujinder Juneja discussed the diversity in experience that he and the other growers of Pure Sunfarms bring and why it’s important to them. With over 40 years experience growing tomatoes and peppers, the team brought on who they referred to as “The Legacy Guys” who they lean on to ensure quality cannabis is being cultivated.  These are the people that bring decades of expert knowledge for growing, drying and curing cannabis. With shared passion and collaboration of knowledge the Pure Sunfarms team have created products that they are proud of.

Pure Sunfarms President and CEO  Mandesh Dosanjh welcoming guests
President and CEO Mandesh Dosanjh

British Columbia has a reputation for growing some of the best cannabis in the world, and we are proud to introduce a suite of products which will continue to celebrate this legacy. Our scale, along with the team’s deep agricultural roots and steadfast dedication to craftsmanship, has allowed us to cultivate great-quality products at an approachable price-point. In this evolving industry, we hope Canadians will come to know the quality and consistency of Pure Sunfarms’ products and love it as much as we do.” -Pure Sunfarms President and CEO Mandesh Dosanjh

Alana Armstrong, Chef Ivana Raca & @whatsmypot infront of a greenhouse display at Pure Sunfarms launch
Chef Ivana Raca describing the evenings culinary adventure

Culinary Adventures

Dinner was created by the incredibly talented Chef Ivana Raca, who you might remember from such things as Beat Bobby Flay, Top Chef Canada and the winner of Chopped Canada. I sampled the famous “Gnocchi that Beat Bobby Flay” and it certainly deserves its title. To describe it as heavenly, is a huge understatement.  The dinner table was beautifully decorated with greenery, and the family style serving, naturally invited the incredible people that surrounded me, in engaging conversation throughout dinner.  The dinner menu had a west coast theme with dishes like; Qualicum Bay Scallops, BC Lamb, Abbotsford Roasted Butternut Squash, Okanagan Black Kale Salad and BC wild Mushroom Lentil Risotto. Yum!

The Dessert Experience

Jenna Valleriani & Abi Roach infront a unique dessert table created by Chef Ivana Raca
Jenna Valleriani & Abi Roach foraging

Then there was the dessert. I wanted to take a moment and talk about the extraordinary dessert experience. I know this was an event for a cannabis producer, but the amazing dessert table may have stole the show.  With gardening as its inspiration, guests were invited to “unearth their desserts” at a boxed table filled with chocolate crumb “dirt” with different plants, stones and mushrooms to forage for. It was a dining experience in every sense of the word. 

Because this was a private event, we were able to step outside and sample some of Sunfarms cannabis.  A cannabis event that finally included cannabis! Headband and Critical Kali Mist were quick favourites of mine.  I noted that their cannabis products offer a variety of strains and terpenes to suit many tastes. I look forward to sampling more! 

Final Thoughts

Having spent the evening with so many trailblazers in the cannabis industry, I left the event feeling excited and energized. Not only did the team from Pure Sunfarms cater to the details and offered opportunity for open conversation, but the brainpower of people in attendance made my evening even more memorable. The guest list included leaders like Dr. Jenna Valleriani CEO of Niche Canada, Abi Roach founder of Hotbox Lounge & Holdings Inc, Cannabis influencer Johnathan Hirsh @weedstagram416 , Jessica Moran, Marketing Director Strainprint, Jess Nuno The Elevated Collective , cannabis Writer Alana Armstrong and so many more. Reflecting on the experience, I am truly humbled. It’s unfathomable to think that 4 years ago, I was in such a confusing and scary place. And it was only a year ago that I decided to launch my brand, ThatsWhatWeedSaid with the goal of sharing my experience of how cannabis helped me become healthy.  For me and like so many of you, being healthy and staying healthy has become paramount and cannabis has provided me an incredible opportunity to do that on my own terms. I feel incredibly blessed to have met Linda Thompson founder of Can Can Buzz who championed my vision and gave my voice a larger platform. Cannabis Saved My Life : A True Story was my first article published, and I still receive daily messages about it. I’m so happy that you, my readers enjoy my content and am very excited for what the future holds.

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