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Top Six Weed-Friendly Beaches

High-cation anyone? Cannabis friendly beaches around the world.


Vacations on a beautiful beach destination are fantastic. Combine them with cannabis, and you’re set for one hell of a vacation. While you cannot roll and smoke your joint in every vacation destination you go to, there’re the select few which give you the chance to do so. Here’s a list of those which allow you to enjoy your spliff, warm weather and breathtaking views of the ocean at the same time.

1. Wreck Beach, Vancouver
Even though recreational weed was legalized last year in July, Vancouver has for a long time been a haven for stoners.

Wreck Beach is renowned for its superlative buds and hence a popular spot for marijuana lovers. As if it couldn’t get any better, Wreck Beach is North America’s biggest naturist beach. This means you can get high and then get naked while taking a walk and enjoying the beautiful views of its 7.8 km sandy beach. The beach is only 15 minutes away from downtown Vancouver so you can also carry your weed with you.

Venice Beach California
Venice Beach, California

2. Venice Beach, Los Angeles
Long before California decided to open its door to marijuana, weed lovers had been getting their high in Venice Beach. Being home to the illustrious Alchemy Lounge and a long string of other famed clubs and lounges, Venice Beach is among the best weed-friendly beaches in California. Enjoy your bud and once the hunger pangs kick in, satisfy your cravings by munching on the diverse array of street food and great cuisines available all over Venice Beach and LA in general. If you’re just a visitor in LA, accommodation should be the least of your worries as there’re plenty of ultra-modern hotels such as The Moment Hotel and Hollywood. However keep in mind that while recreational marijuana is legal, public smoking is practically illegal and might land you in trouble. So get your high within Venice Beach and avoid walking around LA with that bud.

seaside sunset picture
seaside beach oregon

3. Seaside Beach, North Oregon
Looking for the perfect vacation destination? If yes, then your search might as well end here as North Oregon got all you need. Being a weed-friendly state, feel free to light it up in one of Oregon’s rec stores before making your way to the famous Seaside Beach. Also, take your taste buds for a ride by munching on the fantastic food at diners in North Oregon and later hit the road to Seaside Beach.

On top of being 420 friendly, Seaside Beach in North Oregon Coast also serves you stunning views and a long string of attractions in all directions. For instance, stretching towards the South is the illustrious lighted walkway known as The Prom while on the North is a three-mile sandy beach stretch to the Estuary.

BlijBurg Aan Zee, Amsterdam

4. BlijBurg Aan Zee, Amsterdam
If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam, you already know that the word coffee holds the most superbly euphemistic meaning. The Ganja-selling-coffee-shops spread all over the city is where all the magic happens. However, if these coffee shops aren’t your cup of tea (pun intended) feel free to get away and enjoy your joint at BlijBurg Aan Zee. Located a few miles away on the Island of Ijburg, enjoy the beautiful scenery at sunset, while listening to live music as you smoke your bud.

There’re many other weed-friendly beaches in Amsterdam such as Amsterdam Roest on the east and Strandzuid on the South.

Ruby Beach, Washington

5. Ruby Beach, Washington
Being one of the earliest places to decriminalize the recreational use of marijuana, stoners have for a long time flocked Washington for its countless dispensaries. If you’re the type of marijuana user who prefers to get high in your own company, then get away from the hustle and bustle of Washington and head over to Ruby Beach. Located in Olympic National Park, Ruby Beach is directly accessible through Highway 101.

Besides your bud, enjoy the picturesque reddish luxurious sands and be sure to take your camera with you because you’ll love the large driftwood deposits. If you’re a traveler in search of simple pleasures, book your stay with Kalaloch Lodge which is only six miles away from the beach.

Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

6. Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica
Whenever there’s mention of weed, Jamaica is the first country that comes to the minds of many. Despite being famed for weed tourism, you’ll be surprised to know that marijuana became legal in 2015. But that’s in the past now as you can enjoy smoking your bud in plenty of places now. However, since you specifically want to enjoy yours on a beach, Seven Mile Beach in Negril is the perfect getaway for you. Besides its beautiful sandy beach and magnificent turquoise blue waters, Long Beach also has plenty of entertainment to keep you busy. If you prefer edibles over smoking, there’re plenty of spots to find them as well.

The future of weed lovers looks brighter now more than ever as more countries are now joining in the bandwagon of decriminalizing marijuana. For now, enjoy your joint on the above beach-friendly destination.

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