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Kim Campbell talks to the Cannabis Industry

Convictions, Consumption and Education

Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell was Keynote Speaker at MjBizconIntl this year which was held at the Metro Convention Center in Toronto Sept 4 – 6, 2019 

Chris Walsh, president of Marijuana Business Daily, a Denver, Co. based cannabis business publication, produced the conference for the second year in Toronto this past week.

“We wanted to have a well-known name in Canada along with someone who knows the inner-workings of the government in general and can kind of bridge the gap between the business world and the world of government,” Walsh said.  Campbell was picked as this years keynote speaker because of her unique viewpoints as a thought leader and to bridge the gap between business and government.

During her talk, she noted several times that not enough more research was needed to support the claims for cannabis and CBD specifically.  She also gave kudos, not only to the legalization of cannabis within Canada, but also the process Canada has developed in the wake of legalization.  

“(Cannabis) presents the most interesting challenges for public policy because it’s unlike anything else.  It’s something new and different.”

Kim Campbell

We spoke directly with Kim Campbell after the panel. 

Cannabis Convictions 

Kim is pleased that there is a movement to have cannabis convictions removed from records and understands that it may not be enough of a gesture in some cases.  She also commented that past cannabis laws were not enlightened as they could have been, but stops short of saying the cannabis laws of the past were wrong. Campbell also commented regulations are necessary, but unlike other regulated substance, Cannabis cannot cause death and so the challenges are very different when making policies and laws.

Cannabis Consumption

When asked if she had ever consumed she said she had in her youth but is a non smoker and so it never appealed to her.  However, now that edibles are on its way, she said she has been known to enjoy a brownie! Campbell went on to discuss how the elderly are the fastest  growing and emerging market in cannabis. The cannabis industry has an opportunity to help educate those that might benefit most. Campbell discussed how when sleeping is better, it improves all sorts of conditions in all ages.  

“We may become a country of toking geezers.”

Kim Campbell

Cannabis Education 

When asked about how the government was doing in educating the public regarding cannabis and use, she admitted that she didn’t know.  She did share that there is a need for more education and more research, especially on how cannabis impacts impairment. She referenced back to when breathalyzers were first developed.  Like before breathalyzers, there needs to be a reliable way for enforcement officers and consumers to measure, specfically THC levels. 


It was a honour to sit down and hear the thoughts of former Prime Minister Kim Campbell on policy, education and consumption of Cannabis.  It’s important to recognize that although learning opportunities and challenges will arise during this time in history, we are in a country that has ended the prohibition of cannabis, creating a brand new industry and we are moving in a positive direction.  If we are to be successful in our efforts to combat stigma and misinformation, then education must be prioritized by everyone in the industry. 

Written by Anita Glibota – Cannabis Influencer and More!

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Anita Glibota is a mother, a spouse and writer living and working in Southwestern Ontario. As a trainer and educator, she spent years dedicated to bringing learning and understanding to her students within her workshops. After a life changing concussion in 2015, her focused changed to mental health and how to better support our wellness in this chaotic world. She discovered the health benefits of cannabis and mindfulness and has dedicated her life to sharing her journey with others.

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