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Women Supporting Women in Cannabis – Its a thing!

Canadians are enjoying the cannabis startup journey across Canada.

Canadian Women in Cannabis celebrated its one year anniversary in a very lifted and connected way last weekend and our roving reporter, Danielle Mcinnis was invited to share the experience.


It was such a treat to come to and to be a part of the one year anniversary for CWIC ( Canadian women in Cannabis.)

One year ago Donna Johnson, founder of CWIC held a green goddess gathering, and this was the start of her journey to support women in cannabis. She started the non profit organization that has the aim to support and empower women in cannabis in Canada. CWIC is a cannabis collective for passionate Canadian women. Donna is passionate about de-stigmatizing cannabis in the spaces we live and breathe.

Donna kicked off the event with a round table where we all got to share our personal stories with Cannabis. There were many kinds of cannabis walks, some who had 50 years of history with the plant and some were brand new to cannabis!

Enjoying Cannabis since the 1960’s

Kirsten, Jessie and Sherry are three of about 40 Co-creators that volunteer across Canada for CWIC. They help with social events, help host canna friendly gatherings, and are essentially helping build a safe community for women in the Cannabis space. Women have been competing with each other for far too long. CWIC helps break down that tired mentality and brings a higher approach, empowered women empower women. Having a community like this makes it easy for women to collaborate, learn, grow and work together. The support helps build each of us up instead of tearing each other down. This will in turn lead to more women in leadership and entrepreneurial roles in this budding industry.

I had the pleasure of hosting the rolling demo and judging the rolling competition. Yes, I have mad skills but everyone brought their rolling game to try to win the fabulous prizes from Shatterizer and Canna Parents. The hosts had an amazing jar of homegrown cannabis to contribute to the participants. The joints rolled were smoked over the course of the evening and were enjoyed by all.

Joint rolling contest
Joint rolling contest

The winner of the competition was a local Canna mom @itsyabudgirl who really knew how to roll!

Carey hosted a demo making home made raw cannabis hummus, which I totally devoured. She even added the raw leaves! #totalwellness

During the demo she talked about how olive oil is one of the best carriers for THC and CBD because fat loves fat and bonds best to it. She then continued to explain how black pepper has beta-caryophyllene, which is the terpene known to help with anxiety.

After the infused food demo we enjoyed a beautiful feast of carefully curated foods. Tummy’s full and energy lifted we then set our creativity afloat in a puff and paint party hosted by the lovely Jessie. We puffed and painted while the sun set, by the creek surrounded by trees in beautiful British Columbia.

Higher together. Always.

To end the evening we watched the movie MARY JANES The Women of Weed with of course, some infused munchies to end the night perfectly.

I find that cannabis has a way of bringing people together. At the start of the event the men were hanging away from the ladies but by the end of the evening everyone was together around the fire, singing songs and enjoying each other’s company.


Danielle can be found on instagram and twitter Moms Who Toke are Dope and she is the founder at Canna Parents.

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