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Inside BOAZ. A family run, craft cannabis LP

They hand water and hand trim with no irradiation!

Thank you to our roving reporter Danielle McInnis for sharing the inside track of BOAZ in Calgary, yesterday. Danielle is a medicinal cannabis patient and cannabis influencer. Check out her full bio below.

Danielle spent the day touring the BOAZ medical facility and chatting with their team about craft cannabis. Check out what she had to say about the experience!

The tour at BOAZ, a medical cannabis company that specializes in crafting quality medicine, was insightful, fun and it made me very excited for my prescription renewal on the 15th.

I will be adding this companies fine craft cannabis to my list of chosen licensed producers.

Moms Who Toke are Dope

Did you know that you if you are a medical patient you can split your prescription up between multiple companies? If you want to purchase from more than one LP at a time, you will need to ask your physician to split your prescription into separate forms. 

BOAZ has been operating for just under a year now and have come a long way in a short time! Plans for extraction and more storage units for growing more plants are in their future. The facility is really well maintained and the lay out is well planned.

Rooms throughout the facility were hospital grade and the storage room was loaded with amazing craft products that were labeled perfectly and ready to be shipped!

Pre Rolls inside BOAZ

I felt like I hit the jack pot in this room when they pulled out their CBD buds and the 1 gram pre-rolls. The half gram pre rolls were the size of the one gram pre rolls being sold in retail outlets. HUGE! I loved that they use the best quality buds for pre rolls, not the bottom buds or table scraps from trimming!

They use Mother’s to make their clones. Some of the mother plants were just gigantic.

Honestly they were the biggest plants I have seen in my life!

Danielle Mcinnis

From the clones, they choose only the healthiest for the next round. During vegetation they stack the plants on top of each other inside the containers so that they can optimize the space. They also use these containers so that the plants are in a controlled environment with no leaks or contamination. The plants then go into a flower unit where they are ready to be “flipped.” Here they switch the lights to 12 hours on and off in order to get their plants producing the best buds. Their master grower has a unique special blended formula that gets hand watered in to the coco medium. Before they get packaged the plants get hand trimmed and then go into the dry room where all the beautifully hand trimmed stalks were hanging up to cure, the smell was divine.

I had the best ladies Nancy-Anne and Beth take me on this tour, however many different staff members came to chat with me about their contributions, which really made it all the more special.

BOAZ really has a nice family feel and an amazing quality product that is clearly grown with care! Thank you again team BOAZ for taking the time to show us how you like to grow your Cannabis.

Experience ‘Farm to tray’ from our friends at BOAZ!

Written by Danielle Mcinnis with edits by Can Can Buzz

Danielle can be found on instagram and twitter Moms Who Toke are Dope and she is the founder at Canna Parents.

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