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The Nomad Cook Serves up an Infused Brunch in The 6ix

To celebrate 420 and to support our interview with Travis Peterson we signed on to attend an infused brunch hosted by 'The Nomad Cook'.

To celebrate 4-20 and to support our interview with Travis Peterson we signed on to attend a private infused brunch hosted and prepared by ‘The Nomad Cook’.

To be sure we could provide a fair and balanced review I brought along a very experienced cannabis consumer to join in the experience. My ‘guest’ whom I will call Canna-Lin was actually quite excited about coming. You see, Canna-Lin normally smokes cannabis every day (several times) to drive her creativity and overall life enjoyment but she rarely does edibles. Canna-Lin told us that she didn’t like edibles because she can’t control the experience and outcome. She knows what one, two or three puffs will bring her and relies on that to work and function. To our surprise Canna-Lin loved the experience and said she hasn’t been that high in years! Read on for our review of the experience and an interview with the Nomad Cook!

When we arrived at the secret brunch location the tables were set and guests were settled into their seats. We quickly found space for ourselves on the upper level and loved that we were welcomed by our table mates openly and easily. We were seated by two lovely ladies who were experienced cannabis fans. One of these ladies actually immigrated to Canada just because she wanted to live in a place where cannabis was legal! HOW AMAZING is that!

CBD infused Mimosa
Mimosa’s welcome us to the Infused Brunch

To begin the experience we enjoyed a wonderful CBD infused mimosa which settled everyone in nicely and conversation quickly ensued. Guests were seated over two levels in long tables to encourage chatter and mingling. Chef Travis asked us to get to know our neighbours and everyone did just that and we made some new friends. The tables were rustic and the setup was not fancy but the meal did not disappoint.

During Mimosa time Chef Travis walked the room and worked with each guest on personalized dosing. You could select between level one and five. The higher the number selected the higher the corresponding dosage. The THC mg’s went from 10 to 150. This brunch was going to make everyone very happy! My three table guests all selected level five. I opted for level two and I was happy that I heeded our own edible consumption guide. Go Low and Start Slow!

Edible Dosing Guide
Can Can Buzz – Edible Dosing Guide

The infused dining series dosing went as follows:

Level 1 – 10mg

Level 2 – 25mg

Level 3 – 50mg

Level 4 – 100mg

Level 5 – 150mg

We found Travis to be a very warm, inviting and wonderful host who engaged the audience in true chef fashion.

Travis engaged with diners and he talked about wanting to create a safe space for those that are new to cannabis or infused dining to come and experiment. Travis shared that the sativa cannabis oil is added to each plate after it is prepared so that each guest can have a different experience. This meal and the outcome, did not disappoint. We were feeling the effects after the first course and it simply built from there to a very good state of HIGH.

The music and conversations seemed to get louder as the meal progressed.

Everyone came alive during the meal and you could tell that the infusion was effective. Personally, we had three hours of non stop giggles after and a very full tummy! Not a bad way to spend a Saturday and show our support for those that have paved the way to a legal 4-20 in Canada! When I asked Canna-Lin about the experience afterwards she said that next time she would go down to level four but she also said she can’t wait to try this again – and soon! She shared that she will be booking an event for her group of friends with The Nomad Cook in the coming month.

1st Course – Matcha & Raspberry Smoothie Bowl with Roasted Wake & Bake Granola, Goose Berries and Coconut Chips 

Infused Breakfast
Infused Smoothie Bowl – Starter

2nd Course – Eggs Benedict with Nduja Hollandaise Sauce and Crispy Baby Potatoes 

Infused Eggs
Infused Breakfast – Main Course

3rd Course – Charred Doughnut with Matcha Custard Filling, Cocoa Crumble & Rose Jam

Sweet Tooth Course

I have watched hundreds of Canadians bond and become friends with strangers at my dinner table while experiencing infused dining – Travis Petersen April 2019

“Infused Dining Series” – An interview Featuring Travis Petersen, The Nomad Cook. This former Master Chef contestant has become recognized as Canada’s leading weed chef!

CCB – Tell us about the creation of the “Infused Dining Series”, how did this come to be?

TP – Last April 2018, my ex girlfriend and I turned her house into a pop-up restaurant. Along with another Vancouver chef, we hosted 164 people in groups 10-12 over 4 days. We dosed each one of our guests separately based on their individual tolerance and created a new safe space for people to experience the culinary world’s newest frontier.

CCB – Why are you a cannabis advocate?

TP- I have watched hundreds of Canadians bond and become friends with
strangers at my dinner table while experiencing infused dining.
Cannabis is opening a whole new world of flavours, smells and
opportunities in the kitchen. And as Canadian chefs, we have the first
opportunity to legally explore the possibilities of this new

CCB- Who is your inspiration or role model in the culinary world.

TP- Anthony Bourdain.

Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain – American celebrity chef, author, and travel documentarian.

CCB – Do you make your own cannabis oil for your infused creations?

TP -Yes, The Nomad Cook is a culinary cannabis brand that supplies
chefs with all the ingredients they need to cook cannabis infused
dishes. We currently have CBD and THC tinctures available for sale. My
products are flavourless and odorless, allowing to keep the natural
essence of the dish.

CCB- How do you control the outcome for your guests?

TP- Once a guest arrives and sits at the table, I  introduce myself and
explain my dosing process. I do an assessment of their cannabis
tolerance through a series of questions and find the perfect balance
of thc to cbd.

CCB – Explain and you microdose and what that means for the diner?

TP -Micro dosing means to accurately measure precise amounts of either THC or CBD into each plate you serve your guest. This means that guests who are new to cannabis and may be feeling some nerves, can be reassured they are going to be served the perfect ratio of CBD to THC.

CCB- Do you have any secrets for helping those that may have overestimated their consumption limit?

TP- If you have consumed too much THC, take 50mg of CBD to help balance
out the psychoactive effects of the THC. It will help lower your heart
rate and reduce dizziness.

CCB- How quickly does the ‘infusion’ kick in for diners, and what course are
they enjoying when that hits typically?

TP- That varies person to person. Weight, experience, how long between
meals, how much THC is already in one’s body and so on. However, if
you’re knew to Cannabis in general, about 20 to 40 mins in you’ll
start to feel the calm and comforting effects.

CCB – What is your favourite thing to infuse? Something you think that your
‘foodies’ enjoy most?

TP – Seafood.

CCB- How are you finding the cannabis industry? Describe your experience so far.

TP- Supportive, ambitious and determined.

Describe, in your own words, the Canadian cannabis lifestyle?  How is
this different from other countries?

How do you see the cannabis lifestyle in Canada changing in the next five years?

TP- I foresee a lot of struggle and resistance from governing bodies too
afraid to make a mistake with the whole world watching. It’s going to
take positive role models to break stigmas and show that, with safety
and education, old stereotypes and myths can be forgotten.

CCB- What should we be watching for from the Nomad Cook? Something coming soon…?

TP- I’ve recently moved to Toronto to focus on growing brand awareness
through the amazing culinary scene in the city. Rumor has it there
will be a Cannabis Supper Club for 3 months starting in June. There
will be two seatings a week, hosting up to 8 guests at each. Following
@the_nomadcook on Instagram or Facebook, as well as signing up on our
guest list at is the best way to reserve seats
once they become available after 420.

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