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CBD Beauty Products – Elevated Skin

CBD infused beauty products - working plant magic from the outside - in!

Cannabinoids do so many good things inside your body so it would be no surprise that cannabis would also do wonderful things for your skin. The endocannabinoid system consists of many cannabinoid receptors, and a large portion of these are found in the skin.  So can CBD products take your skin care regime to a higher level? We sat down with the mother and son team behind the company Amour to learn more about elevated skin care. If you are new to infused skin care the first thing you should know is that they DO NOT make you high in anyway! So put it on often and liberally!

The founders at Amour believe they can and will change the way people take care of their skin. They shared their founder story and taught us a lot about Cannabis infused beauty.

The complete interview with Diana Rohkain & Eugene Rohkain – Founders Amour Canada follows.

Beauty products CBD infused
Beauty Products Infused with CBD
  1. Tell us about the Amour Canada brand? Why cannabis?

We are a new company in Canada and we are committed to offering high quality cosmetic products in the  Canadian market. Diana has a degree in cosmetic dermatology and over 25 years in the beauty industry.  She knew that for many years cannabis had many benefits for the skin. The antioxidants fight free radicals and the anti-inflammatory ingredients are so good for soothing and reducing inflammation caused by skin conditions such as dermatitis, acne, eczema, or rosacea.   

The products benefit all people by providing moisture and hydration to the skin. The products are made in Israel with natural ingredients. The hemp oil is cold pressed and is organic. The other ingredients are dead sea minerals and gold. There are no harsh ingredients that are found in many other cosmetic products like SLS Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Parabens.  When antimicrobial ingredients are used, fewer preservatives are required.  The manufacturer has been creating Dead Sea skin care products for over 25 years and when we found out that they were coming out with cannabis infused products; we were at the right place at the right time.  We decided this would be a great product to introduce to Canada! Everything is getting approved through Health Canada to adhere to the proper process for selling cosmetic products and our products are now available here in Canada.  We are definitely seeing a market for more imported products. You can get the products through our website now!  

Cannabis shaped heart

2. Does the name represent love?  Love for what?

Yes, love with a capital ‘L’.  Love for your body, your skin, love for wellness, love to help, love to heal and love for cannabis. And of course, we love Canada.

3. What does the cannabis in all of these products actually do?

The highly concentrated cannabinoid oil has the most soothing effect on the skin.  For beautiful skin, it must be out of stress and cannabinoid oil aids in reducing skin stress. Cannabinoid oil has the highest concentration of fatty acids and it reduces sensitivity and protects the skin.  It is perfect for dry skin and improving moisture levels.  For oily skin, it is perfectly balanced. Also, our clients told us that it works great for acne problems, pigmentation, and sunspots.  It is a great sun filter and a natural anti-oxidant, it detoxifies and has anti-inflammatory properties. It has high omega 3 and 6 acids which keeps moisture in. Our products help in visibly reducing lines and wrinkles, keeping your skin younger looking and healthy.

Amour Night Cream CBD hemp infused
Night Cream

4. Where does the cannabis come from for your products?

It comes from Southern Israel, from a town called Mitzpe Ramon and is organic, cold pressed Cannabis Sativa hemp seed oil.

5. Tell us about the quality of your products?

Everything is manufactured in labs that are GMP and ISO certified which means very high manufacturing standards. Israel is a leader in many industries such as high tech, medicine, and agriculture, and you can rest assured the products are of the highest quality. Also, the Dead Sea minerals are an additional benefit to these products.  The dead sea is known for many health benefits. There is only one place in the world you can get dead sea minerals and that is in Israel.  Everything extracted from the dead sea (salt and mineral mud) is done in a sustainable way with little environmental impact. The products are paraben, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and cruelty free.  They also contain 24k gold which offers antimicrobial properties to keep the products fresh.  Our products won’t emulsify because we don’t use SLS, so our products don’t froth. They clean in a perfect, healthy way.  You won’t feel any tightness on the skin.

6. How are you finding the cannabis industry? Describe your experience so far.

I find it progressive.  You can really see big changes happening and they are very mainstream. People are savvy and approachable and passionate about cannabis products and lifestyle.  The industry is becoming sophisticated. There are many business opportunities arising and it is interesting to watch people professionally contribute. Everyone is very passionate about the products and industry.

7. What is your favourite product in your line and why?

Diana: My favourite product is the hemp and gold gravity mask.  It has the highest concentration of the cannabinoid oils, Dead Sea minerals and gold.  It is very unique. After only 5 minutes the skin repairs, rejuvenates and glows. You use a small magnet to remove the mask with almost no touch, removing a top layer of iron powder to detoxify the skin, allowing the remaining ingredients to penetrate deeper, providing a micro lift effect. 

Eugene: As a man I don’t know a lot about beauty products but my personal favourite is the day cream. I never realized I had a problem until I found the solution. My skin is dry and after I shower my skin is red, but once I tried this day cream it just worked! The redness goes away and everything is nice and moist. I like to enjoy an easy lifestyle for my skin.

gravity mask
Gravity mask and magnet for removal

8.What is next for Canna-beauty?

We will be selling our products through retail chains once we get the final approvals and labels.  We are going into salons, spas and cannabis culture shops. We want to be mainstream but we need to change the stigma first.  We need to educate people and explain how these products can help. I really want to see our products on the shelf at Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart – in time.

Cannabis research
Cannabis Research

9. How do you see the cannabis lifestyle in Canada changing in the next five years?

What we are going to see is a lot of growth in the infrastructure required to accommodate this new industry.   We will see a lot more research on different applications of cannabis use. We will see a lot of cannabis tourism too!  Cannabis will be more mainstream, a lot less stigma. There are a lot of possibilities and opportunities and we are fortunate to be part of the changing landscape. There needs to be an effort on education and I hope in ththe next five years people will have less fear and are able to freely enjoy cannabis products.  

10. What is the best thing about cannabis?

The best thing is cannabis has many medical, non-medical and recreational uses.  Medically, cannabis treats many ailments. Non-medically, hemp is being used for fabrics, construction and much more.  Recreationally it’s exciting for many to enjoy. Cannabis is great and it is now getting the respect it deserves! 

Cannabis is the new definition of natural.

11. What do you hope your company will bring to the Canadian consumer?

To start, a quality product for Canadians.  We are proud to sell it. It has the potential to have a positive impact on your life.  Putting Canada in the spotlight as a cannabis producer and influencer globally. Everyone should have beauty in their life.

Cannabis infused skin care

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