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Cannabis Couture is here! High Fashion Swim Wear

swim wear with cannabis print

In this edition of talking with CanCanBuzz we feature Diane Walker and Stacey Demar co-founders of the Mary Jane swimwear company We were excited about the design of their products and the impact they are having on the normalizing of cannabis. Their clothing and swimwear starts conversations about cannabis and the designs are very tasteful. We are thrilled to see more Women In Weed creating successful companies in the cannabis space. Learn more about their company and their thoughts on the emerging Cannabis industry below.

Enjoy the discussion!

  • Congratulations on creating this line of swimwear, it’s very attractive, why did you decide to incorporate cannabis into your already existing sportswear line?   

It was our own experience with Cannabis that inspired us to incorporate this plant into our line.  We both have years of background in sports such as soccer, swimming, running and yoga. We’ve seen a lot of sports injuries during this time and as a result, we’ve seen a lot of the related pre and post remedies that are out there.  We feel CBD is a remedy that resonates and seems to really work.

  • Do you consider yourselves cannabis advocates and is there a specific message you are trying to send to the public?

Yes we do.  Last summer we hosted a panel in NYC at the Soho House, promoting the use of CBD for wellness, sports and fitness. We created this swimwear line to subtly get the message of CBD, cannabis and wellness in your face but in a very creative, classy and pretty way.  We are very closely tied to the cannabis community so I think it’s really helped with the way the line has been received.  

  • As cannabis advocates, I think we can agree that it’s important to normalize cannabis.  How is fashion helping with this?

Cannabis is really an herbal supplement that has been villainized for so long. We found an avenue to help normalize it by creating something pretty, something people can wear.  Whether they realize it or not, they are wearing the cannabis message. Fashion reaches a lot of people.

Fun Lively Prints

In the past, we’ve seen the t-shirts with the logos and prints of the plant with red eyes etc. and we thought there has to more options than this. In the past it’s all been cheezy and juvenile fashion.  A few years back we saw cannabis representation a bit in high fashion but it’s starting to make a comeback now. We think this time it’s here to stay for a long time.  

  • You have stated that your target consumer base for cannabis inspired swimwear will be millennials, why is that?  

They are the largest demographic that believes in the legalization in marijuana in the US.  

bikini with tasteful cannabis print
Millennials LOVE it!
  • Do you have a favourite piece?

Yes, right now in our OG Kush line, it would have to be the long sleeve racerback. It’s unique and can be used for all kinds of sports, swimming, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding etc.

  • Why do you feel women especially are looking for something artistic to represent their use of Cannabis?

We feel that what we have to offer is exactly what is missing in the market. Women are the largest consumers of beauty, fitness and wellness products. Cannabis hasn’t really crossed over this line yet (fashion) and we feel that we will be the leaders in that market.  It’s all coming together; beauty, wellness, fashion…………in a subtle, not so ‘in your face’, fashion forward, classy way and we are part of that!

Athletes for Care Logo
Athletes for Care Logo

Being in the fitness industry, we came across them and found out that they support ex- professional athletes from various sports, with various ailments and injuries.  They support using cannabis and cbd as an alternative to opioids, which historically was often the go-to solution. As we all know, our country is in a opioid crisis. We want to help with their research, the goal to be able to stop the opioid crisis in this country by offering a better and safer alternative.  That alternative we believe is cannabis and CBD. I don’t think it can be argued anymore, too many are dying from opioids.

Mens swimwear with cannabis print
Options include swimming trunks
  • Where do you ship to?   Our summers are short but can we get one of your suits sent to Canada?

We ship all over the world!  Australia, Canada, the US, anywhere there is a beach, pool or sun!

  • We Canadians, with our short but powerful summers, worry about sun damage.  Does your swimwear offer any SPF protection?

SPF yes! 50 plus

  • Can we get a sneak peak at what your are working on next?

We are so excited about our new capsule!  Our new line of
Seven Leaflets is launching in April 2019 and will expand into active wear and accessories! We will be offering more than just swimsuits and each drop will be a cohesive group of items, all colour coordinated.  We are getting into active-wear. Items like leggings, towels, bike shorts to name a few. Many of which will be limited editions!

  • Can you tell us about how well you are supported by the cannabis community?

Professional athletes show us a lot of love on social media and we have true, female influencers in cannabis that are amazing and support us!

  • Tell us your thoughts on Women in Weed, what does it mean to you both and how has the community been to you?
women in weed written with marijuana buds
Women in Weed – Its a thing!

It’s been just amazing!  We first brought this idea up with a group of cannabis leaders in NYC in early 2018, and from the second we did that, to present day, we have been completely supported.  In the US there is a magazine, ‘Women in Weed’, Elena Frankel is the Editor in Chief. It’s huge, it’s a public interest magazine. The second edition is on sale now at Barnes and Nobles and Target stores across the US.  This is a great example of an industry that isn’t entirely headed by men. We’ve been very lucky with the positive support we’ve received so far.

You can follow them on instagram @maryjaneswim

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