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Weeding Planning at the Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo

First ever Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo in Calgary covered by Bride to Weed aka Moms.Who.Toke.Are.Dope

We asked our favourite Bride-to-Be, Danielle Mcinnis to let us know what she thought about the first ever Canadian Wedding Cannabis Expo held in Calgary over the weekend at the Hotel Cilque. Traditional wedding planners and canna-wedding specialists participated in the expo.

Danielle Mcinnis is well known in the cannabis influencer space and she got engaged January 12, 2019 @ the Lift & Co to Dieter MacPherson (SVP ops@Aurora)

Danielle Mcinnis moms who toke are dope cannabis advocate
Moms Who Toke Are Dope

They are planning a wedding in BC on the island this summer and Danielle plans on creating a weed wedding to remember. She will be sharing her weeding story on her Cannaparents website with an aim to help normalize cannabis in a family wedding setting.

Danielle is known in the industry as Moms.Who.Toke.Are.Dope and here is what she had to say about the event….

What was your favourite cake design or sample?

DM: Marcia, a wonderful mother of three, was featuring her beautiful, tasteful and delectable cakes here at Canada’s first ever cannabis wedding expo. She featured four beautiful cakes, two with more cannabis embellishments than the others. Giving people options on how much cannabis to incorporate into their cake decorations. The flavor of the cupcake taste testers were amazing, they melted in my mouth and left an after taste I never wanted to end. She does regular cakes and advised me she also makes “special” cakes for people who are celiac or lactose intolerant. However no “special infused cakes,” as it still has not been legalized yet. It was hard for me to pick one favorite cake, as I love all cake! But if I were to pick based on the design, then it would be the beautiful dark green cake because of the detail, color, and simplicity.

cannabis wedding cake
Canna Friendly Wedding Cake: Forever Cakes

What was the most unique exhibitor?

D.M. You can have a classy cannabis wedding without having to much. It’s all about the little accents. And this exhibitor show cases that beautifully, she is a interior designer originally who brought her skills over in to cannabis industry, specifically weddings. Her attention to small details are breath taking and everything down to the invitations were well thought out and perfectly executed. She works with you in helping make the all around theme of your wedding cohesive. Beautiful work and a great way to add those beautiful little touches to your cannabis themed wedding.

wedding planning decor

What was the coolest wedding gown idea that incorporates cannabis?

D.M I loved all the gowns, all the models were stunning, making every pose count. The dresses were normal wedding dresses and they incorporated cannabis by adding fan leaves or bud’s in the bouquet of flowers, which personally I loved. Also a few had the Canndoara THC molecule necklace on, which was a subtle and nice touch. The dress should be all about you, the rest of the wedding can incorporate cannabis. Keep in mind that you don’t need everything at your canna weeding, to be infused. It’s all about the little touches in my mind that gives a sense of class, and glamour. I would have loved to have seen one cannabis themed wedding dress in spirit of the expo and high fashion BUT this event ran flawlessly and spectacularly for a first ever of its kind. Congratulations to the event organizers for doing a perfectly coordinated experience in every other aspect.

Wedding fashion show featuring models wearing wedding gowns
Wedding Gown Fashion Show

What was the best prize offered or giveaway for brides to be?

D.M There were giveaways at almost every table! I only entered in a couple as many of the vendors serviced Calgary and Alberta. Our weeding will be in BC on the island. The ones I could enter, I did. The draws I liked the best were with Canndora and Fashionably High who was being featured by Hivibes who was also offering the fashionably high tea service for stagettes. They were giving away cute Canndora accessories and a “Fabulously high” tea cup set!

Cannabis floral arrangement for weed infused wedding
Cannabis Floral

Tell us about the smoking options at the event?

D.M. There was no consumption on the site of the expo, but they had a wonderful little camper parked out back where everyone “hot boxed,”( also known as a Canadian sauna.) I had a few sessions in this lovely camper, they featured photos of celebrities on the walls with or consuming cannabis.

enjoying some cannabis outside the cannabis wedding expo
Inside the “HOT BOX” Trailer

Congratulations to Laureen Cauryn Cameron and her partner
Corey Cameron , the organizers behind the Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo. There will be an event in Toronto in September of 2019 and other locations and dates across Canada to come!

A big thank you to Danielle Mcinnis our bride to weed and the woman behind Canna Parents You should follow her on Instgram and Twitter.

CanCanBuzz is wishing Danielle and Dieter a fantastic wedding experience!

photo booth with bridal party
Bridal Support Team!

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