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Curated Cannabis Accessories – with flare!

Canna-preneurs at Kinebox work to end the stigma and bring positive experiences to Canadian cannabis consumers.

Who doesn’t love surprises?

When we discovered Kine Box, a subscription cannabis accessory service in Canada, we were curious! So we contacted the co-founder, Karen Chiavatti and we sat down to talk about her business. Karen also shared her perspective on being a new cannabis user, ending the stigma and being an entrepreneur in the Canadian Cannabis space.

Check out the full Q&A below!

  • Tell us about the Kine Box brand and business? Where did the concept come from to start this company?   K.C. My entry into the cannabis lifestyle came from a medical prescription.  I was new to cannabis. When I started my journey, I was overwhelmed and kind of lost to be honest.  The visits to the head shops were not positive. Frazer, my partner, had recreational experience, but it was too advanced for me as a new user. Our needs were different. The way I wanted to consume was not the way he wanted to use it.  I wanted CBD oil as an example but Frazer had no experience with CBD. I did my research and I found a lot of great Canadian companies and products were out there, but it was hard to find the places to purchase them or get the right advice on these products.   There was no ‘professional guide’ to lead me towards the right products or solutions. I saw that there was a gap and I wanted to showcase these amazing Canadian companies.
  • Where does the the name Kinebox come from? K.C. Kinebox – Frazer mentioned that the word ‘kind’ was used by his group of friends when the bud was considered excellent.  “kine bud…’; that is what they called said when the bud was truly high quality.   The reference to high quality was a perfect match for the type of products that we wanted to include in  the box. There you have it: Kinebox.
  • Describe, in your own words your vision of the Canadian cannabis lifestyle?  How is this different from other countries? K.C.  A cannabis lifestyle is a personal thing, but to me in Canada, that means living a lifestyle that is open and relaxed, more so than other countries.  We still have a stigma, but it’s less so. In Canada, the people that are pro-cannabis are really trying to change that stigma. In a healthy cannabis lifestyle, there should be no shame or fear.  It is an amazing product to consume for so many reasons! We are providing items to enhance that experience and to perhaps help you think outside of the ‘box.’ In the first box we had a DIY gummy kit to help you make your own edibles.  We are really trying to have something for everyone.
  • What is in the box? K.C.We actually have 2 box sizes.  The large quarterly Kine Box is prepared by season.  Right now we have a winter box. The larger box is for the newer consumer.  Someone who is looking to enhance their cannabis lifestyle and find new products and connect with new companies.  This was for someone like me! This box includes; a hand blown glass pipe, hemp wick, paper filters, DIY gummies, smell proof bag, pre rolled cones and papers.  We also have a mini box that goes out monthly. For this box we are looking to reach a daily use consumer. Someone that replenishes more often. This months has a hemp wick, glass pipe and some great rolling papers.  Our customers get their accessories delivered to the door to keep the lifestyle going, so to speak.
Kine Box Winter Edition
  • How are you finding the cannabis industry? Describe your experience so far. K.C.It has been WONDERFUL and nothing but positive.  I was nervous at the beginning. I didn’t know what to expect.  I am lucky to live in Toronto where the culture is very interactive and welcoming. We have been able to network with wonderful, knowledgeable people.  We have learned so much in the last few months. The cannabis community is like one big happy family and they are very accepting and welcoming! As a new consumer, I was worried that I would be noticed as such, but as soon as I talked to the first person that fear went away.
  • What cannabis charities do you support with proceeds from purchases on your site? K.C. At the Cannabis Expo I met Norml Canada and Cannabis Amnesty and I liked their work and messaging.  These will be the charities that we work with as we grow our business.
  • What tips would you tell a first time cannabis user? K.C. For me a big one would be that it is important to do your own research, read more about the product you are going to consume.  Read about the benefits and the risks. Learn at your own pace. Talk to your friends or people you know have consumed. Real life experience and conversations are invaluable and you won’t find that unless you talk to people.  Go slow. Do what you feel comfortable with.
  • How do you see the cannabis lifestyle in Canada changing in the next five years? K.C. Canada has a long way to go but we are taking steps in the right direction.  We have a lot of new milestones coming. Edibles as an example. When we hit that 5 year anniversary I really want us to look back with positive reflection.  There will be hiccups along the way and there have been some but that doesn’t need to set the tone. I think the stigma will change but it won’t be gone but likely as close to gone as possible.  I really hope that the education is easily and readily available. This should be an easy decision, to add cannabis to your life.
Kine Box Options
  • What is the best thing about cannabis? K.C. Honestly, the best thing for me about cannabis is, and I think  my husband would agree, is the wellness factor. I had no idea how amazing this plant was!  It has been life changing for me. My consumption of OTC drugs and gone down significantly. Comfort was not part of my life for many years and it is now.  It means happiness, wellness, positivity, it is just amazing. When I talked to my Doctor about the medicinal cannabis, I was about to be prescribed opiates, and that was terrifying to me.  I am so grateful that I landed on cannabis and the wonderful community supporting cannabis.
  • What do you hope that your company is bringing to the Canadian consumer?  K.C. We are spotlighting Canadian cannabis companies.  This country has so much to offer and we want to share these companies and products with all of you.  We want to connect you with new products, companies and people you maybe wouldn’t have found. We want to bring a positive experience for anyone who obtains a Kine Box.  Whether you are new or experienced. A new connection for you would be wonderful for us! If we can help one person take a positive step into the Cannabis world then we happy!

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The unboxing video of the Winter Box 2019

Exploring the curated cannabis products in Kine Box

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