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Learn how to make Cannabis Infused Butter at Home

Learn how to make CannaButter at home.

Every Sunday we like to share a recipe that has an infused element to take your recipes to an elevated state. To move beyond CBD oil infused recipes we knew we needed BUTTER! Really everything is better with butter!

Cannabis Infused Butter

We decided we needed a lesson – in a simple way – to make some delicious infused butter so we reached out to our cannafam and discovered how easy it really is to make Cannabis Infused Butter in the comfort of your own home.

With this magical ingredient we can now introduce you to an endless amount of Sunday recipes! Check out the easy to follow video tutorials provided by Home Canna Kit below.

Many thanks to the team at CannaKit for teaching us the basics!

How to make Canna Butter in 7 Easy Steps
Laying out the items to get started!

The amount of butter to herb ratio can be adjusted based on the outcome you desire and the potency of your herb.

  • Assumption: your herb is 10 percent THC
  • Fact: 1 gram of flower is 1000 milligrams of flower
  • With 1000 mg (a gram) of bud at 10 percent THC, the total THC content in 1 gram is about 100 mg (10 % of 1000 = 100)
  • Desired edible dose is 2.5 mg
  • The CannaButter recipe of 1 gram to 5 sticks of butter (2 1/2 cups) (as shown in video example above) would produce 40 servings
  • 1 stick or 1/2 cup butter is equal to 4 ounces, or 113 grams
  • If the desired single serving is 5 mg you would have 20 servings assuming the herb THC potency is 10% and you use the ratio of 2 1/2 cups butter to 1 gram of cannabis
  • If your bud strain is higher ex: 20 percent THC, it would produce 20 (10 mg) servings or 40 (5 mg) servings or 100 (2.5 mg)

Cannakit offers a pretty simple kit to get your started and you can find it at

Their kit includes

(1) high-quality stainless steel decarboxylation tray which also doubles as a baking tray and a container for your treats.

(2) silicone butter molds made of food-grade, non-stick, BPA free silicone. Perfect for making, molding and storing Cannabis Infused Butter.

(2) food grade silicone spouts made to easily attach to any cooking pot or saucepan, allowing an easy pour into the butter molds.

(10) 100% reusable cotton drawstring bags, made for easy cleanup and disposal of your herbs. Everything is made to fit into the stainless steel tray for easy and convenient storage

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