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Cannabis brew anyone? Meet Province Brands – not an infused beverage!

Dooma Wendschuh with beer

We recently connected with Dooma Wendschuh ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­to learn about how they started the company Province Brands and what advice he has to offer to people who are considering starting a cannabis business of their own.

Province is a new kind of luxury in the Cannabis brewed beer business. They are technology driven, on the bleeding edge of cannabinoid science. The first global luxury brand offering groundbreaking products made from cannabis.’ 

Check out the full Q&A below!

  1. How did you and Jennifer Dianne Thomas come up with the idea to build Province Brands?

Dooma was inspired by reflecting on both his past life choices and experiences and also his parents. Dooma was motivated to create a product offering that provided a psychoactive experience in a healthier format than coffee, alcohol or cigarettes. The company was started in April 2016

Province Brands Logo copy

  1. What is the story behind the company’s brand name ‘province brands’?

‘This was actually the most Canadian thing we could think of at the time …and it went to a vote.. and this name won.’

  1. Tell us about the RD being done at Province Brands – what sets you apart from Cannabis infused beverages?

“There are a lot of differentiators.  We have developed a patent pending technology which allows us to brew cannabis.’ This is not an infused beverage which really does set Province Brands apart from the other producers of Cannabis beverages. ‘We like it because it is authentic in that it is brewed from Cannabis.  Hops is the dominant flavour and there are only four ingredients.  Cannabis + HOPS + water + brewers yeast.  There is no barley, no grains and no gluten’

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  1. How do you position yourself against the Coca-Cola – Constellation Brands/Canopy – Molson/Hexo – Heineken and other giant organizations who are coming into the cannabis beverage market?

There is room for a lot of types of beer and cannabis products.  ‘We have the ability to brew from Cannabis versus a source of grain, we make premium products and that is part of the craftsmanship, the quality of our products.’

  1. What do you think the next five years has in store for the industry?

Dooma sees a continuation of trends like what is happening in the USA.  Trends towards edibles and beverages which seems to be the consumers preference.  He also foresees massive legalization and a whole different playing field in 5 years.

  1. Have you noticed any common traits among the entrepreneurs you see in this industry, which set them apart from the people in more well-established industries?

Dooma considers the Cannabis industry to be a very challenging industry to operate within.  He does see a difference in the successful entrepreneur in the Cannabis industry, ‘that individual is resilient and relentless as everything can crush you.’  The industry brings a lot of regulatory challenges and changes which leads to a lot of second guessing so successful entrepreneurs in Cannabis need to pivot quickly and not be fearful.

  1. When will consumers have access to the products?

An alcohol product is about to launch! ‘Some people are afraid to get high so we are offering an alcohol product to help consumers get use to the flavour.  This product does not start with Cannabis but rather with food grade hemp.  It is delicious.’


  1. Where will the products be sold? In store, online and across what geography?

This will be sold in Yukon in early 2019 with their partner Yukon Brewing and then across Canada in late 2019 or early 2020.  The Cannabis derived product line is planned to go nationwide around October 2019.


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