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Who is Auxly?


Chuck Rifici is Chairman and CEO of Auxly Cannabis Group and he is creating a pretty nifty nexus of money, cultivators, licensed producers and R&D facilities to bring to market products and services to support the cannabis industry.

Auxly has two brands which include Yesca and BackForty brands.

Auxly has developed 16 relationships with indoor and outdoor cultivators boasting over 3.8 million square feet of indoor growing space.  In addition they have relationships with licenced producers and they own Dosecann a subsidiary of the Auxly Cannabis Group.

Dosecann  is a 42,000 square feet space dedicated to extraction, quality testing, research and development, product formulation and manufacturing. While still awaiting regulatory approval, the facility will serve as an R&D hub for Auxly family to develop products for the medicinal and recreational cannabis markets.

Let’s not forget that AUXLY has 4 strategic partnerships;

  1. Province Brands – beverage company
  2. Dixie Brands – infused products
  3. NAC – National Access Cannabis – medical cannabis clinics
  4. Inner Spirit – franchising retail dispensaries



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